The Reality of Breed Specific Legislation

I've created this blog as a voice for the families who have been affected by Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario. Wonderful people have shared their stories and pictures with me regarding BSL and I thought they should have a permanent home somewhere. Some stories will break your heart and some will make you angry. This blog will never be open to comments or discussions of any kind.

If you would like to share this blog, please do. If this blog makes you want to act out against BSL, please write your MPP and voice your concerns.

If you have a story specific for Ontario, please share with me by writing to me at : and I will put your story on this blog.

Lynda Crawford

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I do have something to say, although I don`t own a pittie, my extended family has, and because of BSL, they too have lost their family member because of BSL. My opinion when I see a dog wearing a muzzle to me it makes me think the dog is mean and vicious , when in turn its because the dog is a pittie, and assumed by Ontario Government aggressive and dangerous, the Ontario Governement has to get into the 21st century, and scrap the BSL Ban, Myself, and my 2 GSD`s Clover and Bella, do support Hershey`s Bill.