The Reality of Breed Specific Legislation

I've created this blog as a voice for the families who have been affected by Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario. Wonderful people have shared their stories and pictures with me regarding BSL and I thought they should have a permanent home somewhere. Some stories will break your heart and some will make you angry. This blog will never be open to comments or discussions of any kind.

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Lynda Crawford

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jewel & Lucy

Jewel & Lucy

My last relationship was a cliche bad relationship with a wanna-be biker type guy, I was young and naive - thought I could rescue and save anyone... the man moved into the home that I owned and began controlling every aspect of my life, who I spoke to, where I went, what I wore, even how I spoke.... he re-trained me and changed my disposition. He insisted we get a dog, I argued and took beatings and in the end submitted. I was given the choice: a Doberman or a Pitbull... I've always been a little afraid of Dobermans, so I chose a Pitbull puppy.Much to my delight when we arrived at the man’s house in Toronto that had her, she ran out and hopped up and down at my foot to get up into my arms.... she chose me. We didn’t even look at the other pups.I fell in love with Lucy - it wasn’t until I had something else to care for that I began to value myself and our personal safety (although he never hit the dog, he would beat me in front of the dog which made her go crazy) - because of it, he'd stop sooner than before we got her. She was my BEST FRIEND and the ONLY being other than my ex that was allowed to love me... and I loved her with my whole heart.With time, as I aged and began to wise-up, the beatings increased in severity and I knew if I didn’t leave, he would kill me - whether intentionally or unintentionally.I only had one place to go, my best friend’s house - her sister was a vet tech with many pets in the home would not even consider a Pitbull - having bought into the terrible media sensationalism. I picked up the phone and called EVERY shelter and asked if I could come to them with my "Pitbull" - they were all just as ignorant.I couldn’t take her anywhere and I had no money and one option, so I moved in with my friend leaving Lucy (temporarily until I got my own place) with my ex.He immediately and out of spite dropped Lucy off at his ex-wife’s and kids’ home in Hamilton... Lucy was left alone in the backyard and got out through a hole in their fence. According to the ex, Lucy was picked up by the Hamilton humane society. They would not re-release the dog back into their care and insisted that because she was so beautifully trained (she was one-of-a-kind, small with such a BEAUTIFUL disposition.) she would be re-located to a "Pitbull rescue sanctuary in the States"Because his ex claimed ownership, they wouldn’t give me any information as to what happened to her... and I feel guilty and sad that I let down my BEST FRIEND and only real companion. If Ontario hadn't adopted BSL, Lucy would have been given back to his ex and eventually I believe in my heart that she would've been given back to me once I got my own apartment.Since, I have worked hard in Lucy's memory to re-train myself, my heart, my head - I believe whole-heartedly that after being a product of abuse and ill-training that every being deserves a chance to be rehabilitated. Pitbulls have been mistreated by humans for years through abuse, through media sensationalism... I believe if it wasn’t for media sensationalism and BSL that I WOULD have been able to bring Lucy into my best friend’s home (where she belonged - with the ones who loved her.)And that's Lucy's story and I'll never forgive myself for not making the RIGHT choice, if I couldn’t find anywhere to live with her, I should have moved onto the street with her... I OWED her that much. Lucy was the sweetest dog I have ever known.
You'll notice how deathly skinny I am, we worked together and lived together and his thing was he'd starve me if I dared argue about anything. She made me feel like I had a reason to fight to live though.... ugh, so hard talking about her. She deserved so much better... but I loved her and she was treated immensely well (with the exception of what she had to witness.)