The Reality of Breed Specific Legislation

I've created this blog as a voice for the families who have been affected by Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario. Wonderful people have shared their stories and pictures with me regarding BSL and I thought they should have a permanent home somewhere. Some stories will break your heart and some will make you angry. This blog will never be open to comments or discussions of any kind.

If you would like to share this blog, please do. If this blog makes you want to act out against BSL, please write your MPP and voice your concerns.

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Lynda Crawford

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anonymous Story

Person Chooses to Remain Anonymous.....

Hi there. My name is ..... I am a hard working tradesman living in Calgary, Alberta, originally from Peterborough, Ontario. BSL is affecting my life right now. I was forced to come west 6 years to chase employment that was not available in my home province. My fiance and I long to move home to start a family close to our family in Ontario. We have a beautiful male Pit bull who we consider family and who has brought so much love and enjoyment into our lives and who is also illegal in Ontario due to this ridiculous ban. BSL is literally keeping our family apart. I am amazed that this ban even exists. It is "dark aged mentality". Ontario you could truly learn something from Alberta responsible dog owners laws. Wake up and stop ruining families. No one breed of dog is dangerous or evil. And certainly not Pit bulls. Statistics prove this fact. WAKE UP.